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What Can You Find On Basia’s Bookshelf?

Basia’s Bookshelf is a blog dedicated to discussing, reviewing, and anything else related to our favorite books and authors! We are a small team of book lovers here to spread the word of our favorite words!

All the books we review are targeted towards young adult and new adult fiction. New adult fiction is a fairly new genre in the writing field, focusing the plot on individuals or groups who have just entered into adulthood, but have not quite grasped the concept of what it truly is to be adult. These sorts of stories address the “firsts” along with many life lessons that many 18 to 22 year old young adults experience as they venture off on their own for the first time. Every adult can appreciate the challenges, the enlightenment, and joys of experiencing adulthood for the first time, which makes new adult an appealing genre to focus our attention on as well as an up and coming genre in the literary world. Touching Melody is a great new adult story, if you want to get more familiar with the genre.


We love books, there’s no secret to that. But we do have particular genres we focus our attention on. In addition to focusing on young adult and new adult fictions, other sub genres we focus our attention on include:

  • Contemporary Romance: Contemporary romances are the most popular sub genres within the romance genre, taking place from World War II and afterwards. Most of the main characters within contemporary romance are females in a complex plot with realistic and more believable characters. You can read a review of one of our favorite romances, Along Came Trouble.
  • Fantasy: Fantasies are a fiction genre that indulge readers in the supernatural world, commonly using paranormal phenomenons and magic within the plot.
  • Steampunk: Steampunk is a sub genre that falls between fantasy and science fiction in a world where steam power is the mainstream power usage. Most steampunk fictions take place in an alternative history such as the British Victorian era, the American Wild West, or a future post-apocalyptic era where steam power is maintained.
  • Dystopia: Dystopia takes place in an imaginary society or community living in the aftermath of peril or disaster. Many dystopias are written in a post-apocalyptic world, characterized by dehumanization. The word, dystopia, is derived from a Greek term to mean “anti-utopia,” suggesting that the genre will cover places, eras, and themes that wouldn’t necessarily be deemed as “good.”
  • Futuristic Fantasy: Futuristic fantasies are a sub genre of science fiction with futuristic elements, such as humans having the ability to live on another planet or utilizing technologies that have advanced in the future.

Hear What the Authors Have to Say

Writing Pad

It’s not just our favorite books that we’ve read that we like to discuss. From time to time, we get in touch with some of our favorite authors and have the opportunity to discuss with them their books and their lives. Learning about the authors and their experiences is just as interesting as reading their literary works, as you learn about their inspirations, challenges, and about their lives in general. You can read an interview we had with the author of Asher’s Invention, Coleen Kwan or you can read a memorable experience that author Michelle Davidson Argyle shared with us in regards to her novella, Cinders.

Who Writes the Reviews for Basia’s Bookshelf?

Basia’s Bookshelf has two regular reviewers, Cait and Barbara, whose love of good books brought them to this website. You can read About the inspiration behind the blog, what their interests include, and when Basia’s Bookshelf began. In addition to Cait and Barbara, authors, publicists, and other fellow book lovers are welcome to discuss with Basia’s Bookshelf about contributing a review or interview to the blog. If you’re interested in the guidelines for future submissions to Basia’s Bookshelf, you can check our our Submissions rules, otherwise you can directly Email Cait and Barbara to make further inquiries.

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Are you eager to know what new books by your favorite authors or written in your favorite genre are hitting the bookshelves soon? Do you love the reviews you read from Cait, Barbara, and other reviewers on Basia’s Bookshelf and want to know what you can look forward to soon? You can keep up with all the current books and information through Waiting on Wednesday and the Sunday Post.


Waiting on Wednesday, hosted by Jill from Breaking the Spine, is a section on the blog dedicated to highlighting eagerly awaited book releases. She’ll tell you about all the new books that are coming out soon along with a synopsis of the book to give you just a bit more of a teaser.

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